What would you like to know about me? Of course I was an English major, creative writing minor. I received my B.A. magna cum laude from Colby College, and then my M.A. from Simmons College when I couldn’t figure out what to do with my English degree. I worked at a bookstore in Boston during grad school, and then started my publishing career at Houghton Mifflin. Since then over the past twenty-odd years, I have worked at O’Reilly Media, Davis Publications, PreMedia Global, Cengage Learning, and Great Minds PBC, always supplementing my publishing income with freelance work.

Working in publishing during this time of incredible change helped shape me into the flexible freelancer I am today. I can actually say that I’ve edited on paper before! But working digitally has always been my preference. I also have been working fully remotely from home for 10 years, long before the pandemic! Zoom, Slack, and Smartsheet were my friends before they were part of the popular crowd.

I am an avid crocheter and have a small side business called Crafty Reason making goods on commission. I am also a novice horseback rider! I take riding lessons and work part-time at a horse ranch as a trail guide.

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Recent Projects

copy writing - proofreading and editing - photo, text, and fine art research and licensing

I take pride in my work so you can be proud of yours.

You’ve invested so much of yourself in your work. Allow me the opportunity to polish it for you so it truly shines….Radiantly!